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Couple Shoot

You are all set to get married and the countdown to your big day is on! You should give a thought about getting a pre-wedding shoot done as well! The idea behind pre-wedding photography is about savouring the great moments of love, joy, compassion, nervousness and expectations going through the minds of the bride and the groom during the days before the wedding. Pre-wedding photographs can be casual, fun and romantic. They display the chemistry between couples through the camera lens and become memorable moments – to be cherished forever.

Now what are benefits of pre wedding shoot…

  1. You get some more fun time with your partner – away from the spotlight!
  2. Get to know your photographer…
  3. Re-create all those beautiful moments, at your favorite place, as it was before..

We at Lemon Studio help you to remember your nice moments together – away from the spotlight which is there in a wedding through our entertaining and fun Couple Shoots.


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